Join the Spartans

Step 1:

Register to our website (shameless plug) to be able to follow us have have complete access to the Spartan Agoge, where you’ll find player tips, drills and coaching session plans. Follow us Here, Here and Here!

Step 2:

Play paintball a lot! Attend walk-on and pickup games with your friends whenever you can or organize your own. The Moncton SportsDome offers indoor paintball every Friday Night from 8-10pm and hosts Advanced Walk-ons during the winter months on Saturdays.

Step 3:

Attend your first tournament. It doesn’t matter how much effort of promise you show, you need to put your money where your mouth is sort of speak. Attend your first speedball tournament, with either the Spartan Kidz teams or make your own team. We can help you find

Step 4:

Live in the Greater Moncton area. The Spartans have a rigorous practice schedule, and also get together throughout the year for non paintball related activities. The team are close friends off the field as well and having a healthy relationship is key to winning at high stress paintball events when things don’t always go your way.

Step 5:

Try Out. Actually there’s no tryout. We’ll notice you! Stick around and work hard at your game, listen to criticism from your peers and STAY POSITIVE! The Moncton Spartans practice WAY more than your average paintball team and have the resources to increase the skill and experience of any young and upcoming paintball player. It’s up to you to possess the work ethic, dedication, and homble team attitude to take you to the next level.


SO what are you waiting for. The first step is easy!